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Niki Your Travel Buddy

My name is Niki and I am your personal travel buddy for your next hike!

With me you will discover the most beautiful, impressive, hidden highlights of the city in your own language. I will take you on a personal audio tour of the sights and tell you the story behind the city. I do this based on different themes that you can choose from; Highlight, History, Architecture and Picture Perfect!

I'm always exploring new cities!


Select your tours based on your interests! You can also see how long each tour lasts and what the price and distance are. Of course it is possible to view the preview here to see where in the city this tour takes place. In the tour menu you will also find a short description. During the tour it actually happens completely automatically.

My Tip: put in your earphones and I will provide you with an unforgettable experience. Also look at your screen because on the map you can easily see how the route runs and where your next point is! Sometimes I lose my way for a moment due to the GPS, but then press the point and it will turn itself back on.

Tour Maastricht


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Tour details

Each tour has a short description that you can view. Here I explain more about what can be seen on this tour and which points we will visit together. There is also the option to view a preview. This way you can easily see in which part or district of a city the tour takes place. Let me reassure you, based on your location I will select the nearest starting point for your tour and even take you there!